Flow 1.7 – A Little Lottie

Heads down, commits up… We’ve been hammering away over the last month to release the latest version of Flow. The big ticket here, is a beta version of Lottie export.

Sadly, we can’t add Lottie animations in Medium – but this is from our blog!
Exporting Lottie animations from Flow, playing them on our site.
Rotations with groups and anchor points. Path animations, custom easing curves. Layer movement with bounce curves.

Why A Lottie Beta?

Flow is an incredibly powerful animation tool, but it’s infinitely easier to learn than After Effects. Until now, we had many, many people tell us they use AE+Lottie for their UI Animations. This means that that combination of tool and output file is part of their workflow – i.e. their production pipeline. It’s hard enough to compete directly with other animation tools, but competing against a team’s production process is very, very hard.

What Beta Means

As I mentioned, this is our beta release. Which means we cover a lot of things, but not everything. In short, we cover shapes, layers and groups (which is essentially the majority of things you need).

I Bet You Can Break This!

We’d love it if you made some animations, exported them to Lottie and tell us what works, what doesn’t, what needs improvement, etc. In this area, we’re the rookies here and could use your keen eye and experience.

A new class of UI Animation software. Import from Sketch. Animate in Flow. Export production-ready code.

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