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  • Oleksandr Pronskyi

    Oleksandr Pronskyi

    Lead designer @Macpaw. Previously product designer @booking.com

  • Laura Lin

    Laura Lin

    設計工具分享 / 學習筆記 / 個人心得

  • Simon G

    Simon G

    Freelance Montreal User Interface Designer. Front-End dev. Caffeine addict. Interested in design, music, arts, dogs, psychology, star wars.

  • Daniel Townson

    Daniel Townson

    Product Design • UX Strategy • User Interface Design

  • John Hardy

    John Hardy

    Developer Lead at Cognizant and based in Melbourne, Australia. Interested in front end user interface design for mobile and desktop environments

  • Andrea Minetti

    Andrea Minetti

    User interface design for VR/games/apps/website and Illustrator when I want to. Constantly feeding my curiosity about the digital world.

  • Niels Oosterhoff

    Niels Oosterhoff

    Hey, my name is Niels. I’m a designer based in the Netherlands. I’m specialized in website and user interface design. I’m also doing front-end web development.

  • Greg Leibowitz

    Greg Leibowitz

    User Experience & User Interface Design

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