Hey Bartek,

Were you trying to open the file from the .dmg?

If so, please move it to the desktop or another place on your comp.

If you’d already moved it off the dmg then there’s definitely a new issue that we haven’t run into… and I’d love to know what that is.

As for the animation concern, currently Flow can produce basic animations – the core functionality that we’re building upon is to be able to customize the timing and transition between “Things”. I quote that becaue with an upcoming version we’re planning on developing componenents, which will be able to have their own timelines (even multiple ones) so that you’ll be able to create interactive elements with different looks and end states (e.g. a button has 3 or 4 different states).

We’re on our way…

A new class of UI Animation software. Import from Sketch. Animate in Flow. Export production-ready code.

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