We hope you’re as excited about C4 Studio as we are, there are a lot of new developments coming over the next year.

Our latest release Version 0.2 is on its way very soon, so stay tuned for that announcement in the coming days.

Here are the great new features in Version 0.2

  • You can now edit almost every property of objects coming in from Sketch
  • On the stage you can now select, scale and move objects
  • There’s now only a single view (we removed the to / from views)
  • A hierarchy panel for selecting tricky to grab elements
  • HUGE improvements to the timeline, including: key values, multiple animations per track (split them up, and rejoin them), and easing in each animation section
  • Under the hood we’ve created a new file format, added signals (this will be a big part of a future release) and a super-wizard-level path class that handles all things shapes

Follow us on Twitter or join our Slack channel to get in touch with us and hear updates on new features and announcements!

We’re excited to have you all as members of our community as we grow and start spreading the word of how C4 Studio will revolutionize the des/dev process.


A new class of UI Animation software. Import from Sketch. Animate in Flow. Export production-ready code.

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